Stress Reduction

Stress prevents weight loss and can cause frequent illness

Are you frustrated because you can't seem to lose those stubborn pounds whatever you do? Or maybe you feel constantly tired and suffer from frequent colds and flu?  You could be suffering from stress.

Stress is a natural reaction by the body to any external or internal demands. Stress can be caused by good or bad experiences and the body deals with it by releasing Cortisol which is produced in the Adrenal glands.  Too much Cortisol interferes with many of your body's functions. Stress can be caused by a number of factors:

  • Internal stress- caused by too much work, money worries, family problems or relationship breakdown.
  • Enviromental- Being exposed to loud noise, pollution or radiation.
  • Physical- Suffering from medical conditions or illnesses. Also, too much exercise can put a lot of stress on the body.


Stress Reduction Coaching can help you:

  • Get to the root of your stress or anxiety and help you manage it
  • Create techniques for you to feel calmer and more relaxed
  • Develop good sleeping habits as well as help you get to sleep and stay asleep
  • Be more productive in your business and limit workplace stress

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If you are self employed or would like to offer this service to your staff you can claim this as a business expense, as All Active is an accredited provider. Get in touch now to combat stress