Success Stories

I was a client of Rachel's for the last half of 2015 and I can say that she has positively influenced and changed my life for the better. Not only did she create an exercise programme that worked for me, she tailored it around my likes and dislikes. Rachel completely understood my 18 years old self and helped me to work through stress to have a more positive outlook on life without missing out on anything. Not only with the help of Rachel did I mange to loose 7kgs in 12 or so weeks but she also helped to create a happy and more positive version of myself. I honestly cannot thank Rachel enough for everything she has done for me. I have taken all of Rachel’s tips and tricks with me as I move to Uni and focus on having a healthy life.



I've really enjoyed the fitness sessions, as well as the caring approach to total well-being and while focusing on results, the expectations are realistic.  For me with the stress I live with this is very important.  It's not just been all about weight loss, which I thought was the only important thing, but also the healthy lifestyle, stress reduction and enjoyment of activity. Rachel, in her caring yet professional manner, and her great range of exercises, keeps it fun and interesting while encouraging and challenging me in all these areas.



Fate was on my side when I Googled to find a personal trainer and met Rachel.

Thinking that all I needed was someone to help me get fit and lose weight, I hired Rachel only to discover multiple sides to this inspirational woman. She is also a qualified NLP practitioner which was an added bonus for me as I had some underlying issues that needed dealing with and exercise alone wouldn’t have worked for me.

Rachel’s time with me has helped me turn my life around. Rachel is also a qualified dog behaviourist which I also benefitted from. I adopted Murphy from the pound with Rachel’s encouragement and care. Those extra kilos have lessened while my fitness has increased and I have found happiness again.

Thank you Rachel for all your help





Wendy says....

The thought of attending a gym each week with all the young 25yr olds, as a 54yr old trying to get in better health and shape did not appeal to me. I didn't believe it would be easy to stick with, and that after a few months would give it away and waste membership like so many others.  So having Rachel as my Personal Trainer coming to our home seemed a good option.  From the start Rachel made it easy to help me get in shape, lose weight and feel healthy and wonderful.

After being on the programme for 4 months, my life has changed so much, eating smaller portions instead of a man size meal, eating good healthy food, and thinking about what I eat, instead of eating for the sake of it, or as comfort food.

Thank you Rachel, I look and feel so much better, yes it wasn't easy for the first couple of weeks to get into routine, the exercise programme is designed to suit the individual and changed frequently.  What a difference,I exercise daily,  it is part of everyday life, feel amazing, look wonderful, will have to get a whole new wardrobe.  Lost over 7 kilos, my goals are being  met, and my new lifestyle change will be with me forever I enjoy exercise, have improved health, better movement, better life, ageless.

Isabel says...

I am over 80 and one of the main reasons I am taking part in a fitness programme with All Active is to ensure that I am able to live independently and remain in my own home with my precious pets. I get very upset at the thought of having to sell up and leave my home, my dog, cat and all my memories so the training that I am doing is very worthwhile. I am surprised at the things I have been able to do where previously I thought that they would be too hard and more suitable for a younger person. Training has given me confidence and independence.


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Jonnette Says...

Having lost 40kg in weight by myself through a change in diet and an increase in exercise, I believed I knew what was good for my body, and the best way to train to get results … until I met Rachel.  I had reached a plateau in my weight loss so Rachel came to help me learn how to train at home or while travelling for work.

Rachel is passionate about health and fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun, motivating and leaves you wanting to do more.  She also places a high value on correct form with each exercise to ensure minimal effort for maximum returns.

Her sessions are always well planned, varied and fun but at the same time push me to challenge my limits and still enjoy a smile afterwards.   She gives great tips and training ideas to use in my own training time which is also really helpful.

My mind plays games with my head that I cannot do this and Rachel constantly reinforces the message that I can. My key learnings from our sessions are to listen to what she says - she has great knowledge and advice. Her no nonsense friendly approach and belief in you will help you achieve your goals whatever they are.

Genevieve Says...

Genevieve suffers from Cerebral Palsy and this is what she says:

"One of the things that impressed me is that when I first met Rachel she didn't know much about Cerebral Palsy but by the time we met again she had done some research and knew the types of exercises I should be able to cope with.

That means a lot to me as in the past exercising has been a rather painful experience but it isn't any more. Dare I say it but I actually look forward to doing my program now. The exercises Rachel has given me are challenging but not painful."

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