Relaxation technique

Learn How To Relax

Learning how to relax is an important tool to combating stress and the negative self talk (internal dialogue) that some of us experience on a daily basis. When self talk is negative it holds you back and prevents you from making good decisions.

Would you like to know how to banish self talk forever?

When you are in a relaxed state it's virtually impossible to have self talk, especially negative. So the first step towards eliminating negative self talk is by learning to relax.

Try it now:

  1. Get comfortable in a chair and focus on a spot on the wall directly in front of you and slightly above your eye level.
  2. Staying focused on this spot allow your eyes to broaden their vision wider while still focusing on the spot on wall.
  3. Keep going wider till you are now aware of what you can see out of the corner of your eyes, becoming aware of increasingly more objects around the room.
  4. Notice what happens to your breathing as you continue to experience this exercise.
  5. Practice this a number of times till you feel more relaxed and all self talk disappears. You will notice that it becomes impossible to be stressed or worried and increasingly easy to relax.